"yuen" is a small mediator that
"Cherish the behind
the scene of Japanese craftsmanship"
in close proximity
to the original form of craftwork.
Turing "behind the scene" to a"representable value"
and makes the scene to be used.
Instead of consuming Japanese style,
we introduce it as a partner that
increases the value of each other,
and back up creation such as restaurant tools,
interior decorations and fashion brands etc.

Essence of Japan

-Japanese Crafts etc

Category where
chemical reaction occurs

- Restaurant tool
- Interior
- Fashion


Introducing examples of creation backups of restaurants and interiors.


Introducing artisans that we have worked together in past projects.

All artisians


Japanese craftsmanship stories and informations filtered by yuen is coming up.
Check out behind the scene of producing area, latest news, and whats on yuen’s mind now.